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Sports Therapy Services

Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Clinic Address:

6 High Street


Cambridge (UK)

CB24 6AJ


Tel:  07940-110309

Email: lesley@sportstherapyservices.co.uk

“I was very impressed with how Lesley identified the source of my back problem as this is something I’ve previously seen a couple of other sports physios about. I’ve had problems for nearly a year and there’s a definite improvement after just 4 sessions.”


KH, 44, Marathon Runner

“I just wanted to thank you for seeing me so quickly last Monday, and to say that my back pain has virtually disappeared since your treatment. Hopefully, it will last, but if I have any more problems, I will be sure to call you sooner rather than later.”


“I almost daren’t send this email as I know I’m asking for trouble but…my hip and leg are so much better. I haven’t had spasm down my leg or cramps in my calf muscle for at least a fortnight now. I would like to come back for a ‘check up’ next week though just to be on the safe side.”

JC, 45, Chronic Pain Sufferer

DJ, 42, Gardener with back pain

“Hi Lesley, I thought I would just drop you a line to say that my calf muscle is OK now and that I am amazed how quickly I was back to running for one hour on the treadmill. The tennis ball exercises really helped. Thanks again.”


TH, 30, Runner with Calf Pain

“I am now feeling so much better and walking to swimming without giving it a second thought. Thank you so much for your help.”

“I wondered if I could book another session this Friday, as the massage treatment last time did such wonders.”


KD, 60, client who had trouble walking 6 months after bi-malleolar fracture


CK, 30, a handball player recovering from Achilles Tendon rupture with post-rehab pain and stiffness


“Lesley is a talented expert who's great at spotting the source of your discomfort and helping to fix it.  She is good with people and can explain things plainly in simple language.  Whatever ache or pain I or my family have ever had, she has been able to make us feel better instantly.  She has also teaches us simple exercises and stretches that we can perform at home.  Lesley is fair and honest and her prices are always reasonable. I don't hesitate to recommend her to everyone!"


SZ, working mum with 2 boys